I’m not sleeping

I should be, but I’m not.


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Bedtime story

Mommy and Charlie are reading me a story.   

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Six goals!

Our games kept getting cancelled because of lousy weather, but we finally had our first game tonight.

I scored the very first goal of the game (I’m #3), then I was on fire! I scored six goals, including the last one of the game.

As I said to mommy, “it’s all in a day’s work.”



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Snuggling with Stinky

Stinky & I don’t get to snuggle very often, but we got a chance for some snuggles today.

He’s really fat, but I love him!



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Playground fun

It’s nice to get outside after being indoors all winter!



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Let’s go fly a kite

After dinner, we went to my park. It was a good day to fly a kite!



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Leaving easter dinner

Easter dinner was fun and yummy at Grandmom & Poppy’s. But I want to go fly my kite. So we’re saying goodbye. 


And here’s Ms. Marie, grandmom’s friend I already gave her hugs. She was very nice. 


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I helped set the table for Easter dinner at Grandmom & Poppy’s.


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Happy Easter!

I got lots of Easter loot from the bunny… And Grammy… And Grandmom & Poppy.



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Bunny cake!

Mommy & I made this bunny cake together. It’s beautiful – and delicious!



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