I’m a princess

I’m still sick. And mommy & daddy are both sick too. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still be a princess.



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Unicorn snuggles

I’m feeling better (but I’m not at 100% yet), and it’s time to snuggle with my unicorn.


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My first day of soccer

I’ve been sick but I was well enough to head to soccer training – our first day.



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A better morning

After our ER trip, we didn’t get home until 3:30 am. I finally fell asleep – and slept for a pretty long time (not counting waking up for breathing treatments & medication). I’m happier today – even though I’m still sick.


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Another ER trip

Another day another ER. Tonight I’m at Virtua. I just got a chest x-ray. I’m just waiting for my diagnosis.



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Back to the doctor

Still sick so I’m heading back to the doctor again. I think grandmom should visit me later and bring me presents.


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This stinks

I’m still sick. Plus I’m deliriously tired from being up all night coughing. I’m wearing socks with Vicks vapor rub – so “goo socks”. But worse… It’s a nice day to play.


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Daddy messed up

He got my prednisone prescription filled, but forgot to get it flavored. It was disgusting – it tasted like “a puddle of mud with paper floating on it with a rotten bear and a rotten boiled egg and a dead frog on top of it.”



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I’m hungry

I’m feeling better. And mom and dad seemed really happy about that. Yummy watermelon.


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It’s been a long time.

We’ve been waiting a long time. But I’ve been treated and now I’m waiting to go home. But while I wait I’m getting some mommy snuggles.



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