Movie time

We all went to see Inside Outthis morning at 10:45am. I liked it. I formed a happy core memory at family island. 


I graduated!

Today I graduated from Pre-K. I’m officially a Kindergartner!


Time to rest

Tomorrow is a big day, so I need to get my rest.


Loving Charlie

Charlie tolerates my snuggles.


Morning snuggles

Just getting some morning daddy snuggles before he heads to work.  


Me being silly

i made a playpen for Kira but then I climbed into it.  


Boring day

Mommy feels yucky (she sounds pretty bad too), and daddy went to work. Mommy tried to keep me occupied, but I needed more energy than she had to give. So I had a pretty boring day. I’m hoping she feels better so we can have fun tomorrow.


Final snuggles

It was a good day. I love my daddy. And he loves me.  


Once home it was sprinkler time

When got home dad set up my doggie sprinkler.  

I went over and got Nani. But the sprinkler devolved into a super water battle.  Water pistols and the hose. No pix since daddy had to put his phone inside. But it was epic.  

McDonalds for a late lunch

On the way home we were both hungry. So we stopped at McDonald’s. It has a playground so we ate them I played some more.  


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