Made a friend

Mommy had to pick something up at a store in Sicklerville, and this little girl’s mommy was shopping also. She asked me to play so we played while our mommies shopped.


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I saw Baymax at the mall!


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Visited the bunny today

We played peek-a-boo while I was waiting my turn, then after I got my picture taken, mommy & I walked around the mall for a while.

Some people thought I was a real princess.



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It’s good to be outside

It’s still chilly, but mommy let me come out to ride my bike for a little while. Hooray!



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Blast off!

I made a rocket out of the computer box. Daddy and I are traveling to space.


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At Grandmom & Poppy’s house

Getting ready to go the see “Home,” then go for a treat at The Pop Shop.


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More mall fun

Mommy & I wandered the mall for a while after the Mad Hatter Tea Party. We’re having a fun day.



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Mad Hatter Tea Party

After the bunny brunch we went to the mall for the Mad Hatter Tea Party. I got a cupcake and lemonade, got my face painted, colored pictures, played croquet, and met the Queen of Hearts.



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Bunny brunch

Mommy & I met my friend Alana and her family at the rec center for brunch with the Easter Bunny. We ran around & had lots of fun. I even ran into one of my friends from school.



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Sleeping in

I had a busy day yesterday, and more fun stuff planned for today, so I need my rest.


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