Ready for bed

I’m in my jammies, but I won’t go to sleep any time soon. Mommy knows me so well.


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Making my own stickers

One of my birthday presents from a friend was a box full of art supplies. It came with stickers I can color myself!


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Late nap

After a whirlwind weekend of birthday celebrations, I was sick last night. I had breathing troubles, and I was sick to my stomach a it was a rough night.

So mommy made sure I napped today. It’s almost 5pm, but mommy wants me to get my rest.


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After two days of parties and presents, our house looks like a bomb exploded.


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Grammy, Eden, Aunt Amber, and Uncle Jason going home

I really enjoyed having Eden down to visit. Even if we didn’t get to sleep together because we kept each up and giggling until we were separated. But I’ll miss everyone when they go home. Eden’s not happy about leaving either…

IMG_8533 IMG_8531

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Another party

Today was my school friends party at the little gym. It was fun and my cousin Eden was there too.

IMG_8514 IMG_8517 IMG_8521 IMG_8516 IMG_8523 IMG_8524

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Happy birthday to me

Had my party today. 


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Helping daddy

Even in my Jammies I went outside to help daddy clean the chairs for my party. Then I noticed our lilacs needs watering too. 





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Watching Futurama

I’m just hanging out with Charlie. We’re watching Futurama together.


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My “kitty-pillar”

I may be the only one, but I love gypsy moth caterpillars. I found this one & named it kittypillar (like caterpillar, only a kitty – get it?).

I let him/her hang out on my shirt while I played.


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