Watching tv

Just me relaxing before breakfast watching Angelina ballerina.


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Sammy and me

Just me and my favorite kitty.


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Soccer trophy

I couldn’t play today because I’m sick. But I still went so I could support my team… And to get my trophy


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Yes, the planking trend was several years ago, but I was really little then – plus, I do things on my time.

I couldn’t really play with my soccer team today because I’m getting sick. But I was there for moral support.


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Take my picture

No posts? Then take my photo please


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Play time

When mommy came to pick me up, I was playing outside with my friends. I was really upset because I wanted to ride a blue trike & they were all taken. My friends were having fun though!



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Hurt my ankle

I hurt my ankle, and I’m milking it for all it’s worth.


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Finally… I’m asleep

I simply did not want to fall asleep tonight. I lay awake serenading mommy from my bedroom. And when dad came up to work down the hall in the office… I chatted with him until he brought me down to sleep in the office. And even then I talked with him until 10:30pm.

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When mommy picked me up from school, me & my friends were just finishing this “Cars” puzzle.
(Jacob, Theresa, Jimmy, me & Lila)


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I don’t want to go to school

I’m happy to wear my new hat & scarf, but I’m not happy about having to go to school (or having my picture taken)


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